Tea has no calories, but it has lots of antioxidants in basic simple Fresh iced tea, and even it will help you lose weight.

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Tea has no calories, but it has lots of antioxidants in basic simple Fresh iced tea, and even it will help you lose weight. To get the nutritious uses of tea, you have to try it at home according to your own taste. Here are some healthy summer flavored iced tea recipes and also flavored iced tea syrups and you can also make unsweetened iced tea recipe


In summer for refreshment there’s nothing like a revitalizing and fresh pitcher of iced tea and also can use green iced tea for flu. Making iced tea is stress-free and very easy; you can drink it light or strong, drink it without sugar or with sugar. Once you’ve got the essentials, you can start getting imaginative – just follow the simple steps below. You can use flavored iced tea bags.


Empty 4 cups of hot water over 2 teabags into a pitcher and leave for three to five minutes. Eliminate the teabags, and add sugar to taste. take six cups of ice cubes until they melted very well, or you can use 4 cups of cold water. Add in fresh summery lemon slices for some citrus and adding zing, and keep refrigerated for chilling.


Get a little tropical color to your tea by adding fresh fruit like pineapple, peach, and kiwi in to your iced tea along with half a cup of sugar syrup if you want. By leaving the fruit to infuse in the tea for a few hours, you’ll be left with a tasty tangy mixture.


For a summer refresher, you can try this strawberry iced tea:

  • When your iced tea is still hot, pour in almost half cup powdered sugar and stirring through.
  • Add one fourth cup lemon juice (lemon iced tea recipe), lemon and sugar will be like to taste.
  • Puree 250 grams of fresh strawberries and filter them.
  • Once your tea is cool, add the strawberry puree and put in the fridge for 30-40 minutes.

So this way you can start getting imaginative with your pitchers of ice tea for you and your friends and family, now you know how to make iced tea, and you can use whatever is in your fruit bowl. You know how to make how to make flavored hot fruit tea recipe.

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