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The floor is boundless … a fan sent Nicki a meme Saturday night on Twitter humorously requesting if she would fork over a payment to cover some college dues. nicki minaj YouTube.

Nicki answered, “Show me straight A’s that I can check w/ur school and I’ll pay it.  Nicki Minaj made some college student’s to glad over the weekend when one fan advised that the “Starships” singer in its place pay their college coaching fees, Minaj reacted to the challenge at around twelve midnights on Saturday, the singer began tweeting deals to pay fans’ college coaching fees, credits, and other bills. It happens with a contest to join the singer at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, in which fans had to tweet Minaj by the hash tag, #NickiBBMAs.

 Nicki Minaj ,after from prepping for her fourth studio album by proposing to help fans pay off college coaching fees, student loans and other educational costs.

Nicki Minaj decides to help studious fans pay off their student credits, gives away money to fans on Twitter for college and deals to pay college fees for fans and promises she’ll pay for fans’ college charges.

Nicki Minaj proposals to pay college coaching fees for over 30 fans, the singer said she would pay global airfare for competition champions, so a US student asked for aid with guidance.

Is It Just Publicity?

Many peoples are talking that is it just publicity and nothing else but it is true that Nicki Minaj didn’t just talk or tweet because the singer already  started shifting thousands of dollars to college students who asked for her monetary help on Twitter.Some people asked for support with student credits costing thousands of dollars others asked for fewer in coaching fees, books and other school materials. Nicki was appealing thorough in her curious why these people really desirable the money.

We tested in with some of the lucky recipients who told us Nicki has now started to send the money. She asked for bank info over the DMs, and somebody we spoke with said he by now got $500 from Minaj. After nicki minaj anaconda it should be nicki minaj documentary.

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