Weight gain during fasting in some people and weight loss in some people. And if you are one of them who get weight here are some Ramadan diet tips

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Ramadan Diet Tips

Everyone wants Fasting to lose weight quickly but Weight gain during fasting in some people and weight loss in some people. And if you are one of them who get weight here are some Ramadan diet tips, fixed your food intake in the night can help you control your weight and this is the Islamic diet plan to lose weight. And overriding less food, drop the calories consumed, letting you to lose weight throughout this holy month and not losing weight while water fasting .Eating fried food and high fat and calorie foods in big quantities, especially in the evening can increase weight. You know the reason of gaining weight while intermittent fasting. Ramadan is also a best way to lose weight from stomach so if you want to how to lose weight fast without exercise, naturally and at home, Ramadan is the best time for you.

How to lose weight in Ramadan diet plan

Avoid overeating

Have a light Iftar that includes reasonable food portions.

Chew your food slowly

Chew your food slowly to avoid indigestion.

Have your soup and salad first

Have your soup and salad first as these are low in calories and make you feels full.

Water intake

Drink at least eight glasses of water during the non-fasting hours. Have fresh fruits and fresh juices without added sugar, instead of the ready made ones, which may contain high amounts of sugar

Dairy products

Choose low fat dairy products and lean meats. Eat a fruit salad instead of Arabic sweets every now and then.

Walk every day

Walk every day for at least half an hour to one hour in order to burn the extra calories

Healthy Cooking

By avoiding deep frying you can make your favorite Ramadan recipes healthier. In its place, decrease the amount of fat in your meals by cooking your food with a vegetable oil, baking, boiling, steaming or grilling. Remember dropping fat in your cooking does not mean dropping its taste. You can improve the flavor of your dishes by fresh vegetables, fresh basil and flavors, which enhance taste without amassing calories. Also, eating moderately, gradually and wisely is the impeccable way to escape getting lethargic, stay lively and spend time with your family and friends and Lose 20 pounds during Ramadan and no Workout during Ramadan. So Ramadan is the best way to fastest way to lose weight in a month.

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