How to gain weight during Ramadan or what is Islamic diet plan to lose weight and also Ramadan diet tips

Lose weight Ramadan diet plan, Ramadan diet tips, Ramadan diet chart, lose weight fast pills, way to lose weight, Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Beauty, Styles, Trends, Celebrities, NewsRamadan is a month of spiritual cleaning. Fasting from sahree till sunset makes a person forbearing, enduring, and strong-minded and unites. Ramadan workout plan, According to its basics one can get self-control not only in hunger but also on several other feelings like anger, frustration, constructiveness, anxiety and many more. Further being spiritual, fasting also helps in mental and physical cleaning it is like Cardio during Ramadan. Fasting helps in weight management as well as helps in growth of hormones. That’s the cause fasting is very much important by many health and fitness supporters, due to its many rewards.

This one month give grounding in a person to be self-controlled for the rest of the year. What to eat and what to remove from your food are the standards to reaching the preferred health aims.

How to lose fat during Ramadan

Because this year Ramadan is in summer so you must care about your water intake and about your whole food which Contain fiber and protein-rich food during sahree .This will confirm satiety till sunset. Escape sweet dishes and fried food in this time to ward off the danger of thirst.

Ramadan diet tips


Milk and Curd



Different types of beans

Multi grain bread or roti

You should eat Vegetables and fruits with high water content like cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, melon, watermelon and different types of berries.

In Iftar meal it must be as healthy as your sahree meal. Have first of all dates and then lots of water according to the sauna. The knowledge in Islam is endless

Dates are rich in potassium, rich in fructose (fruit sugar) and a very good in carbohydrate, which will gives you the essential amount of energy after a day-long fasting.

How to lose weight in Ramadan diet plan

The best timing would be one hour after Iftar or during your Ramadan special prayers (Travee).This is like that first you done your diet(WHICH IS 80%) during whole day and then you done your exercise(WHICH IS 20%) during your Travee. In this way you will fat loss will be faster, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Lastly, our goal should be more on the mystical front. As this month comes once a year. We need to make the most of it. Let’s be hopeful but for all you know we may not be alive to practice Ramadan next year.

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